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Meet Bob & Amy

A video message from Bob & Amy

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A Letter from Bob & Amy

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We are ready to grow our family through the blessing of adoption! Your child will receive unconditional love and support throughout their life and we would love the opportunity to speak with you and open our hearts and home to him or her. If you are comfortable, we would love to share letters, pictures and visits with you.

About Us

We met when Bob owned a restaurant across the street from where Amy went to college. We felt an instant spark and got married on the 4th of July! We’ve now been married for 5 happy years.

Going through infertility together, we feel that adoption is the perfect way to expand our family. We love to be outside in nature, take our dog for walks, watch movies on the couch, travel across America, and try out new restaurants and different cuisines. Working together in the restaurant business has been a wonderful blessing and we cherish each moment we spend together. We are so excited to share our adventures with more children!

About Bob

Bob is really loving and generous. Everyone loves spending time with him, he is always ready to help others in need. He is very positive and inspires me to be a better person every day. Bob loves playing the drums with his friends, cooking huge meals for the whole family, finding great deals on equipment for our restaurant, and reading about economics and finance. He puts his whole heart into his career of being restaurant owner. Bob opened his first restaurant over 24 years ago and it has grown into a full service establishment with a variety of different foods. I know that he will be a wonderful and encouraging father to your child and is very excited to share his passions with them.

About Amy

Amy is kind, strong willed, and supportive of me in everything. She has taken my two children into her arms and has been a wonderful role model to them. Amy enjoys putting together puzzles, spending time with friends and family, visiting our local farmers markets to pick up fresh fruits and veggies, and reading up on the latest news. She is our restaurant’s marketer and personnel, as well as our residential unit property manager. She is looking forward to having more children in our home to share her love with!

Our Home in Illinois

We live in a wonderful community that is perfect for families. Our 4 bedroom home is at the end of a court, so there is plenty of space to ride bikes, play with chalk, and have fun with the neighborhood kids. Our house has a big kitchen for making meals together! In the basement, we have a foosball and nerf gun area. Plus the backyard has a trampoline and our grill next to our patio table because we love to eat outside.

There are amazing schools and lots of sports programs in town. We are also 2 hours away from 2 major cities, so lots of opportunities to explore new restaurants, festivals, and museums.

Our Family

Bob has two children, Amira, who is 16, and Adam, who is 12. Amira is strong willed and organized. Adam has a generous heart and is always on the move. They are both very active and love spending time together as a family. They can’t wait to teach hide and seek and they will be great babysitters!

We are very close to our families and they are all very supportive of our adoption journey. Amy has a large family with lots of cousins and we visit them in Chicago a couple times a year. Our family traditions include road trips every summer with Bob’s brother and his family, shopping for gifts for the Boys &amp; Girls Club during Christmas time, and eating big breakfasts on Saturday mornings. All of these traditions we would love to continue with your child.

Our Promise to You

We promise to raise your child with unconditional love. We will support them through everything they do no matter what. Your child will be provided with the best education and we will help them achieve their dreams and goals. We will raise your child to learn about Jesus’ love and will attend church regularly, just like we are doing with Amira and Adam. We will let him or her know their adoption story and talk about you with positivity and love.

If you are comfortable, we would like to share letters, photos and visits. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784.

Very thoughtfully, Bob and Amy

Learn More About Bob & Amy

  Bob Amy
Our EducationHigh School DiplomaBachelor's in History with a Minor in Marketing
Our ProfessionsRestaurant Owner and Real Estate OwnerHR Director and Property Manager with Real Estate
Stay-At-HomeNo, but flexible scheduleNo, but flexible schedule
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Bob & Amy's Favorites
DessertChocolate Ice CreamCheesecake
MealSteak and potatosAnything breakfast! Pancakes, eggs, french toast, etc.
Outdoor activitySwimmingSwimming and walking the dog
Things to watch on TVNews and stand up comedyCrime drama
Late night snackPepperoni PizzaPopcorn
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We love to work together in our restaurant business, taking the time to try new foods, travel to places in around the U.S., and are excited to share all of our hobbies with your child.

Our Faith

We are Catholic's who attend mass. We are raising our children to have an appreciation for God's blessings and respect for biblical teachings. We intend to teach our future children about the Lord and all the blessings we have been granted.

About Our Home

The town we live has lots of families and is a safe place for a kid to just be a kid! We have a nice backyard with a trampoline that is waiting to be jumped on. We have a room waiting to quickly become a nursery if we are blessed with the opportunity to raise another child.

Our Children

We have two children, Amira and Adam, who are 16 and 12. They are looking forward to having more siblings to teach and become best friends with!

We live in the state of...


Our Neighborhood

We live in a family friendly community surrounded by great schools. We are 2 hours from big cities that have plenty of family fun activities!

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 years


Yes, we would love to adopt twins.


Either a boy or a girl!

Sibling Group

Yes, we are open to a sibling group up to 3 years old

Ethnicity of ChildWe are open to a child of any racial background
Future Contact with Birth Family

We are open to letters, pictures and visits if you are comfortable!

In Closing

We promise to raise your child to be confident in who they are and always expose them to new and fun experiences. Your child will be supported through everything and will be encouraged to follow their dreams! If you are comfortable, we are open to sharing letters, photos and visits.

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