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A Letter from Bob & Emily

Hi! Our down-to-earth family simply loves time together. Even before we had our two children, adoption was on our hearts. All of us are excited to expand our family this way! We love playing games, cooking meals together, and having spontaneous dance-offs with the kids. Our faith is at the center of our lives and we enjoy having friends and family come to visit. It’s so fun to have a house full of laughter! Our hope is to share all that we have with the child we’re meant to adopt. If we’re the right choice as adoptive parents for your child, we would love to get to know you through this process. We hope you know that we will always hold a very special place in our hearts for you. Your child will know how much you mean to our whole family.

Our Story

We met through mutual friends when we were living about an hour apart in neighboring cities. When we met for a pizza lunch, we wound up talking for hours. We were engaged a year later! Now we’ve been married for 8 years.

Things we enjoy doing:
• Playing card or board games
• Bowling or mini-golf dates (we love a little competition!)
• Planning trips to new places
• Watching movies
• Museums or walks around the DC monuments
• Teaching in the toddler class at church, leading a weekly Bible study, and serving refugees in the area

About Emily

I was a teacher and reading specialist for many years before I became a stay-at-home mom. When our kids are older, I’ll go back to work and be on the same schedule with them.

Bob says: Emily is one of the most caring people I’ve ever met. She has a huge heart for others and will do anything to help, listen to, or encourage someone. Emily is giving, hard-working, responsible, forward-thinking, and fun too. Becoming a mom has just made all these qualities shine even brighter.

Emily’s interests:
• Walks or working out
• Learning how to garden
• Reading
• Refinishing furniture
• Baking
• Planning fun educational activities for our kids

Fun Fact: Emily grew up playing all kinds of sports & in college she joined the water polo team, just to try it!

About Bob

I studied engineering and currently work as a consultant providing creative solutions to clients, helping them problem-solve or plan ahead.

Emily says: Bob is a devoted husband and father. He’s loving, hard-working, and reliable. We always get his focus and effort when we spend time together. Bob is patient, intentional, and fun. He’s a great teammate. As a dad, he’s all-in, from playtime to diapers, and he stops what he’s doing to just listen to the kids. It’s been a dream raising a family with him!

Bob’s interests:
• Working out
• Fixing things around the house
• Including the kids when he does yardwork or chores (they actually love it!)
• Learning new ways to do things
• Playground dates with the kids

Fun Fact: Bob has been collecting tools since childhood and loves being Mr. Fix-it!

Family Life

Our children, Liam and McKenna, know we’re hoping to adopt and get excited about having another sibling. Liam is 5, full of energy, and loves building things or inventing his own games. He’s been a sweet big brother, teaching his sister everything he knows. McKenna is 3, happy, and into running, climbing, and caring for her baby dolls or pretending to read and write.

Our family enjoys:
• Riding scooters to the playground
• Bedtime Bible stories
• Playing board games or Duck-Duck-Goose
• Exploring the library or museums
• Swimming
• Traveling

Our Home in Virginia

We live in northern Virginia, just outside of DC. It’s an amazing place to live! We love being close to museums, zoos, and parks. There are two playgrounds within walking distance of our house. The local pool is right around the corner too. When we want to enjoy the mountains or the beach, both are just a short drive away.

Our two-story home has four bedrooms and is in a quiet neighborhood. We enjoy our open living area where we spend most of our time. The kids have a playroom downstairs, and we love our large backyard where there’s a deck, patio, and a playset. It’s a great place to raise our family!

Our Promise

We are humbled and honored to be considered as a family to adopt your child. We promise to love this child with our whole hearts, providing for anything he or she could need. We believe in teaching our children about God’s love and preparing them to become independent adults. We will ensure your child receives a great education, and they will have our constant support and encouragement. We promise to help your child discover their gifts and interests and become who God created them to be. We’ll share our faith and help them learn to love others well, have confidence, and make wise decisions.

If you’d like an open adoption, we’re ready to embrace a connection with you! We’d love to share pictures, videos, and updates, or have occasional visits. We will raise your child to know their adoption story started with love, and we’ll always be honest about how we came together. When we talk about you, it will always be out of love, respect, and gratitude.

To talk with us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Very thoughtfully, Bob & Emily

Learn More About Bob & Emily

  Bob Emily
Our EducationMaster's Degree EngineeringMaster's Degree in Education
Our ProfessionsConsultant in business solutionsStay at home mom, former teacher
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Bob & Emily's Favorites
HobbyHome projectsCurling up with a good book
Childhood ToyLegosMy stuffed "Pound Puppy" named Ginger
Family TraditionApple picking every fallHiding the presents at Christmas and using clues to find them
Ice CreamCookies & CreamMint Chocolate Chip
Kid's MovieThe IncrediblesInside Out
Date Night ActivityBowlingChatting next to a fire
Thing I want to teach my childrenHow to work hard and get back up and try againHow to chase their dreams
More About Our Family
Our Loved Ones & Favorite Traditions

Our families live out of the area, but we visit each other often! Between visits, we enjoy phone calls and FaceTime to stay in touch. We also have close friends who we love to take vacations with. Everyone is excited about our plans to adopt!

Traditions we love:
• Going to the beach or baking with Grandma (Emily’s mom)
• Apple & pumpkin picking
• Trips to the zoo with Nana & Papa (Bob’s parents)
• Family vacations
• Building Magnatiles with cousins at Christmas

What We Value

• Faith in God
• Honesty & being people of our word
• Making sure our children know they are deeply loved
• Education

What Led Us to Adoption

Before we started our family, Emily knew she had a genetic issue that could be passed down if we had children biologically. She is very healthy and capable, and it isn’t life threatening for her, but there are chances that a child we conceive could have health issues because of it. We started to research adoption and were planning to start the process. We both agreed adoption would be a beautiful way to grow our family! Then we sensed God asking us to trust Him and have a biological child first. Eventually we had our son, and then a few years later we had our daughter. Then the doctors recommended we not get pregnant again. Becoming parents has been one of our favorite things ever! The desire for more children was still there and we felt a call back to adoption for a third child. We are happy to be in this process and are excited to meet the child meant to join our family!

A Typical Weekend With Us

We work hard during the week to knock out regular chores, and aside from some bigger house projects from time to time, we try to reserve the weekend for time with family and friends. Weekend mornings start with Bob's homemade pancakes or waffles. Then we might play together at the house, head to a sports practice, or go to one of our favorite playgrounds. It’s always great to meet up with aunts, uncles, or friends for fun things, like picking strawberries or exploring a local festival. On Sundays, we love to see our friends at church before heading home for quiet family time together, reading, playing board games, or running around in the backyard.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn up to 2 years old




Either boy or girl

In Closing

Thank you for learning about our family as you decide what you want for your child's future. If you'd like, we'd love to talk and learn more about you too! Adoption has been on our hearts for many years and we're ready and excited to be in this process of growing our family this way. We are open to an open adoption too, if you want an ongoing relationship with us throughout your child's life. We're praying for you and your baby as you make your plans.

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