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A Letter from Frank & Bethany

Hello! We are Frank and Bethany and we are so happy you are taking the time to give us a look! It is our deepest hope and desire to welcome our first child through adoption, a dream of Bethany’s since she was young. We are praying for you, no matter what/whom you choose. We have faith that the Lord will place the right child (and birth mama) in our lives in His timing. We are open to questions you may have about us, and would love the opportunity to get to know you and your hopes for your child!

About Us

We met the way it seems every modern love story begins, online! Being in our mid-thirties we knew what we were (and were not) looking for, and realized quickly the boxes were all being checked and that we were committed to life together. We have been together for 3 years.

We talked about adoption before we even started dating because Bethany always wanted to adopt, regardless of any possible fertility issues. While we are facing trouble with fertility, adoption has been a dream and hope for us both from the beginning and we are so grateful for the opportunity to welcome a child into our family.

We both very much have our own individual interests, but we also love to spend time together. We are both nerds at heart and love to play video games and board games together or with friends. We enjoy studying scripture together, watching movies, traveling, going on walks, playing with our cats, and spending as much time with family and friends together as we can. These are all things that we very much hope to do with our child.

About Bethany (by Frank)

What I like about Bethany:
• She compliments me and brings out the better parts of me, just by being around her
• She is kind, compassionate, and nurturing to everyone she meets
• Her sense of humor is on-point

Bethany’s personality: Bubbly, affectionate, and compassionate

Her work: Bethany is a mental health counselor and loves the opportunity to sit with and care for individuals who are hurting or just need a listening ear. Her specialty is working with teens and women.

• Board games!
• Gardening
• Baking (specifically cake decorating)
• Crochet and painting

What she looks forward to teaching/sharing with our baby: Her home, her love, and her life. Bethany has dreamed of motherhood her whole life and looks forward to truly sharing her whole heart and life with a child.

About Frank (by Bethany)

What I like about Frank:
• He is hardworking and extremely generous to all with his time, attention, energy, love, and resources
• He is thoughtful and the most intentional and present person I know
• He is full of integrity and amazing at meeting people where they are at; he lovingly challenges me and helps me grow all the time

Frank’s personality: Gentle, affectionate, protective, fun (he has the best laugh!)

His work: Frank works in cyber security, and it is a total passion career. He enjoyed teaching himself about computers as a teenager and used this interest to create a career that he continues to thrive in.

• Theology books
• Science Fiction (books and movies)
• Video games
• Being handy around the house

What he looks forward to teaching/sharing with our baby: He looks forward to protecting and providing to help our child thrive in life. He desires to teach our child about the Lord and how to make their own choices in life, while enjoying what life has to offer.

Our Extended Family

Bethany has a large extended family (her mom and dad, 4 older siblings (all married), and 12 nieces and nephews). Her family is very close and good about getting together for holidays and “just-because” hang out days. Her family is a big board game family, so sometimes we just have game days while all the cousins play. One of her brothers lives nearby while the rest of the family lives about an hour away; not far at all!

Frank’s family is small, just his mom and brother (with special needs) who live together nearby. His mother is eager to become a first-time grandmother!

Bethany has cousins who were adopted and have adopted. Her sister-in-law and best friend were also adopted, and they have been great sources of information from the perspective of an adopted child for us both. Bethany also has a brother and sister whose families are fostering with the hopes to adopt. Both of our families are very excited and supportive of our plans to adopt.

We are excited to share our families’ desire to spend time together laughing and having fun with our child! We are blessed to have family that is supportive through the hard times, while also being the people that we can sit for hours sharing family stories and guttural laughter with. We are also excited for our child to have a large group of cousins to play with for years to come!

Our Home In Delaware

We live in a 3-bedroom, 3-story, end-unit townhouse in a large quiet neighborhood with our two cats, Mia and Poppy. We have a small family room on the first floor that doubles as Frank’s office. Bethany’s office is on the 3rd floor along with the guest room and master bedroom. Bethany’s office will become the nursery once we bring our baby home, since she will be transitioning to a stay-at-home mom. The second floor has a large, open living room, sunny dining room, and kitchen. We have a deck off the dining room that goes down to the backyard where we see deer, bunnies, and fox.

Our neighborhood is very friendly and quiet. We can’t go outside without having neighbors waving while out walking dogs. There is a small park within walking distance in the neighborhood and several large parks just a few minutes’ drive away. We love that the neighborhood feels quiet, yet we live close to major shopping areas, natural reserves, and schools. We also live within driving distance from the beach, major cities, and the countryside, which allows for great day trips!

Our Promise

We promise to work with you and remain open with you about your child’s life, if that is your desire. We also promise to speak highly of you throughout your child’s life. We promise to pray for and care for your heart and well-being, as well as your child’s.

Our goal is to support your child physically, mentally, emotionally, academically, and spiritually and to work to make sure they know that their place in our family is secure. We promise to remain true to each other, also prioritizing our marriage and faith to provide a stable, fun, and loving home.

We promise to enjoy your child and raise them to know where they came from, while also knowing they fully belong in our family. We hope to build a relationship with you that serves your child and you, and want to work with you on what that looks like. We are open to talking more, and are open books for whatever you would like to know!

We are grateful for your time in reading more about us! We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Frank & Bethany

  Frank Bethany
Our EducationBachelor's of Science in ReligionMaster's of Arts in Professional Counseling
Our ProfessionsLead Cyber Threat EngineerMental Health Counselor
Stay-At-HomeNo, but works from homeYes
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Frank & Bethany's Favorites
BookHarry PotterAnd Both Were Young
Childhood memorySummers with my grandparents; carefree and playing outside with summer friendsChristmas mornings with my family; my parents (especially my dad) made Christmas very special
Travel destination Adirondack Mountains, NYClearwater, Florida (dolphins!)
FoodPizzaAll things cheese
Type of musicPop punkIndie-acoustic; anything 40s and 50s
TV ShowDr. WhoBob's Burgers
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We really love to travel! Bethany loves the water and being able to experience wildlife while Frank loves the forest and mountains, so we love to find places that have a mix of these things. One of our favorite trips was to California where we spent time walking in the Redwood forests and then driving down the coast to San Francisco Bay to watch the seals play! We hope to continue to make travel and exploring (local and abroad) a regular part of our family life with a child, since that was not something either of us got to experience much of growing up.

Our Faith

The most important aspect of both of our lives is our relationship with the Lord. This was the first thing we connected over when we started talking. We are actively involved in a tight knit, loving, funny, and authentic church community and we love serving as Bible study leaders for a small group; however, our faith in Christ is first and foremost. Our hope, our peace, our joy (even in the longing to be parents), our purpose and our identity are rooted in the knowledge of who Christ is, what He did for us, and the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Our Childcare Plans

Bethany has her own small private mental health counseling practice, and while she works from home right now, she will be putting the practice on hold indefinitely once we are placed with a child. Bethany will be a stay-at-home mom for at least the first year and will look to only take on a couple clients a week in the evening, so that Frank will be able to care for the baby during that time. We are very blessed that Frank also works from home and has a very flexible schedule. He will be able to be readily available much of the day and able to be at any and all appointments for our child. We are also surrounded by a large group of amazing family and friends who are eager to help out whenever there may be a need!

Our Pets

We have two female cats named Poppy and Mia. Frank rescued Mia three years before meeting Bethany, and we rescued Poppy shortly after we were married. Both cats are very kind and gentle! No biting or scratching. We love them very much and are grateful for how chill and easy they are!

Mia is calm, laid back, shy, and tends to keep to herself unless she wants attention. She tells us when she wants to be pet or snuggled and is not subtle! She is a "dad's girl". She will spend her weekdays sleeping near Frank's desk while he works and sleeps next to him every night.

Poppy is just about the opposite! She was very sick as a kitten and required a lot of care her first year, so she is very small for her age. She is totally healthy now and very active and playful but also VERY affectionate. She is a constant source of entertainment and love. Poppy is a "mama's girl" for sure. She follows Bethany around the house all day and is usually found next to her or on her lap night and day (which Bethany not-so-secretly loves).

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Birth to 3 months





In Closing

We are so very grateful for your precious time in reading about us. We are actively praying for you. We hope to have the opportunity to know you, and for you to know us more as well. Our hearts' desire is to parent a child with love, fun, laughter, family, adventure, and a passion for Christ and community! We are excited to see how the Lord fulfills this long-time desire to adopt the child we are meant to love forever. We welcome questions and communication and want to make sure to also hear your desires for moving forward.

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