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A Letter from Joe & Colleen

It’s an exciting time as we start the process to adopt another child into our family. Our son is really looking forward to becoming a big brother and gaining a sibling. We believe that bond between siblings is something truly special that lasts forever.

We can’t wait to make many happy memories together as our family grows bigger. We imagine vacationing at our home in Cancun where we love to relax by the pool and on the beach. During summer breaks, we vacation by the ocean in Rhode Island. We also enjoy finding cozy cabins to rent in the woods of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Most importantly, we want you to feel completely comfortable throughout this process. We are open to maintaining whatever level of contact and communication you prefer, after discussing your wishes once we get to know each other better.

About Us

We have been married for nearly 12 years and have built a strong foundation of love and shared interests. Our lives were forever changed when we adopted our curious and playful son, Padraig, in May 2019. Now five years old, Padraig eagerly awaits becoming a big brother and making more cherished memories with his growing family.

As a family, we embrace the simple joys of life, from savoring family traditions to embarking on adventures like picnics by the ocean or feeding ducks at the park. Padraig’s enthusiasm for water activities and dinosaur walks is matched by his excitement for family gatherings with cousins.

We deeply value our meaningful connection with Padraig’s birth mother and her family, maintaining open communication and regularly updating her on Padraig’s growth. As we prepare to welcome a new child through adoption, we promise to provide a nurturing environment filled with laughter, love, and opportunities for personal growth in our home, complete with side-by-side bedrooms for Padraig and his future sibling.

We believe that families are multiplied, not divided, through adoption. We are grateful for the opportunity to become adoptive parents and promise to provide a loving, supportive home for our future child.

About Colleen (by Joe)

Colleen is a skilled physical therapist and a sought-after public speaker in her field. Her expertise and compassionate guidance have made her a go-to resource for athletes and dancers seeking to recover from injuries and achieve their aspirations. Colleen’s insightful presentations at conferences and events have earned her a reputation as a respected voice in the industry. Alongside her professional achievements, Colleen is a dedicated mother who prioritizes creating a nurturing home environment for her family. She cherishes living in the present, whether it’s through peaceful afternoons reading with Padraig, enjoying humorous TV shows together, or engaging in creative Sunday arts and crafts projects. Colleen’s love for Irish step dancing, which began during her childhood in Massachusetts, has led her to compete in contests both nationally and internationally. Today, she shares her passion by teaching adolescent students, using dance as a means to foster their self-confidence and bring them happiness.

About Joe (by Colleen)

Family is the center of Joe’s world, and he takes great pride in his role as a devoted husband and father. He is fully committed to being present and involved in Padraig’s life, cherishing every moment they spend together, whether it’s engaging in activities, assisting with schoolwork, or offering loving guidance. Joe is excited to welcome another child into the family soon and looks forward to sharing meaningful life lessons and contributing to their collective happiness. Professionally, Joe is the owner of his own business, where he specializes in mentoring aspiring college athletes. He finds deep fulfillment in supporting and developing young talent by sharing his knowledge of skills, conditioning, and mental preparation, playing a crucial role in shaping the next generation of athletes. At his core, Joe is a simple man who appreciates life’s basic pleasures and relishes the opportunity to tackle household projects and renovations, embracing these challenges with enthusiasm and a desire to learn new skills.

Our Son and Family

Padraig, our son, is a compassionate and empathetic young boy with a heart of gold. His insatiable curiosity and deep love for learning are evident in his passion for subjects like math, science, art, and music. Padraig’s playful sense of humor fills our home with laughter and joy, while his inquisitive nature constantly inspires us as parents. He is thrilled at the prospect of becoming a big brother soon, and we believe that the sibling bond will be profoundly meaningful, leading to a close, lifelong relationship. Despite the physical distance between us and our extended family spread across New England, New York, and Oklahoma, we make a concerted effort to stay connected through daily photo shares, texts, emails, and group messages. We also deeply cherish our relationship with Padraig’s birth mother and regularly send her pictures and videos showcasing his growth and development, ensuring that the special bond we share remains strong.

Our Home in Massachusettes

We live in a charming Massachusetts town known for its outstanding school system and strong sense of community. Our spacious 10-room colonial home is in an ideal location, situated practically halfway between the historic city of Boston and the culinary heart of Providence, Rhode Island. We’re surrounded by a foodie’s paradise, from Providence’s savory Italian cuisine to Boston’s excellent steaks and seafood. Plenty of kid-friendly attractions like zoos, water parks, and museums are just a short drive away as well.

Education is a top priority in our community. The elementary school is just a quarter mile from our home, with the middle and high schools both within a 2-mile radius, which is one of the top-ranked public school districts in the entire state. Our children will have their own adjoining bedrooms, giving them that perfect balance of closeness and personal space.

With us both working full-time, our wonderful nanny ensures our son/children can participate in a variety of activities like gymnastics, summer camps, and after-school programs. Our home provides the ideal setting for quality family time together as well. Whether we’re playing in the large fenced-in yard, snuggling by the cozy fireplace in the sun-filled living room, hosting backyard barbecues and movie nights on the deck or by the fire pit, there are so many opportunities to make treasured memories as a family.

Our Promise

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for considering us as potential parents for your precious little one. Your strength in embarking on this journey is truly admirable. We firmly believe that adoption does not divide families; instead, it expands them, creating an even greater capacity for love and support.

If your child becomes a part of our family, they will be embraced by a home filled with unconditional love, encouragement, and opportunities to grow, learn, and become the best version of themselves. Open and honest communication with you is of utmost importance to us, and we will always prioritize your feelings and wishes throughout this process. As you navigate this deeply personal choice, our hope is that you feel enveloped by warmth, comfort, and inner peace. Please know that we are sending you an abundance of love and prayers during this time.

With gratitude, Colleen and Joe

We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

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  Joe Colleen
Our EducationBachelor's Degree in Sports Medicine, Master's Degree in BusinessDoctorate Degree in Physical Therapy
Our ProfessionsSports MedicinePhysical Therapist
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Joe & Colleen's Favorites
FoodPizza and Chicken WingsBaked Potato
SmellFresh cut grassFresh baked cookies
MovieRudy - Proof you can do anything you put your mind to!Dirty Dancing - Love always prevails!
BookQuiet - the power of an introvertBossy Pants by Tina Fey
Sports TeamNew York YankeesBoston Red Sox
Activity to do on weekendsEnjoy our home with family!Enjoy our home with family!
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Our family has a wide array of interests and activities we enjoy pursuing together. Colleen is passionate about Irish step dancing - both performing competitively herself and teaching the lively rhythms and movements to students. She also loves reading, watching shows like MasterChef, and doing arts and crafts projects with Padraig. Joe takes great satisfaction in hands-on projects around the house, even if it means watching DIY tutorials or making repeated hardware store runs. As a former college athlete, he still prioritizes an active lifestyle through sports, hiking, and outdoor adventures.

As a family, we cherish quality time together whether that's comedy shows in the city, trying new local restaurants, or just relaxing at home with movies and pizza nights. We take full advantage of the rich cultural experiences New England offers by traveling to areas like Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Rhode Island. Above all, we deeply value making lasting memories filled with laughter, connection and creating special traditions as a family.

Our Faith

Though raised in the Catholic faith, we were given the freedom by our parents to determine our own levels of engagement. Colleen attended church every Sunday growing up, while Joe typically only went on Easter and Christmas. However, after meeting Colleen, Joe rediscovered and recommitted himself to his faith, and we began regularly attending Sunday mass together, often making it a special outing by enjoying brunch in the city beforehand.

Our connections to Catholicism and spirituality grew even stronger through the adoption journey. Just prior to adopting Padraig, we visited Rome and believe the powerful prayers from that sacred week played an influential role in making our family dream a reality. We've had the profound experience of attending the Pope's visit to Philadelphia and never miss opportunities to participate in Catholic charity efforts.

Every Sunday, we deliver food to homeless shelters as a family, instilling the value of service from an early age. We also try to perform random acts of kindness in our community for those suffering or in need of support. Our faith has become an increasingly meaningful part of our lives that we look forward to sharing and passing down.

A Letter from Our Son's Birth Mother

"My experience with adoption has truly been a blessing. I feel so fortunate to see my child thriving in the loving home provided by Joe and Colleen. They go above and beyond as parents, giving Padraig a wonderful life filled with joy, stability, and caring guidance that exceeds anything I could have imagined for him.
Joe and Colleen regularly send me photos and videos, allowing me to witness firsthand the warm, compassionate environment Padraig is growing up in. Their home is filled with acceptance and unconditional love, no matter the circumstances. They haven't just welcomed my child, but have opened their lives and hearts to me and my entire family too.

I will be forever grateful to Joe and Colleen for their remarkable kindness and humility throughout this journey. Seeing Padraig's happiness in their care brings me such peace and comfort. They are nurturing him to become a caring, responsible person while surrounding him with all the joys a child could dream of. I feel truly blessed that my son has parents who love him so completely." ~A

More About Padraig's Birth

Four days before Padraig's birth, we packed our car with over a month's worth of essentials and drove 15 hours to his home city. We moved into the local Ronald McDonald House, where we befriended dozens of other families experiencing miraculous journeys - from adoptions to childhood cancer treatments. The night before Padraig's due date, we enjoyed a beautiful dinner with his birth mom and her family, instantly connecting in a profound way that felt perfectly right.

On the day Padraig was born, we nervously waited in the hospital until a nurse called us into the delivery room. Together with his birth family, we all celebrated Padraig's arrival into the world with joyful hugs, happy tears, cherished photos, and heartfelt prayers. The entire experience of welcoming our son was an incredible blessing filled with love, gratitude, and new bonds formed through this miracle of life. Holding Padraig for the first time is a memory we will forever cherish.

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In Closing

We are truly appreciative that you are taking the time to get to know us and consider us as potential parents for your child. Please know that if you entrust us with this precious gift, your child will be showered with unconditional love, nurturing, and complete devotion from our family. Your child would not simply join our family, but would be wholeheartedly embraced and celebrated as an integral part of it. Together, our goal is to create a warm, supportive home environment where your child can thrive. One that provides security, joyful experiences, and endless encouragement for them to pursue their unique interests and dreams. We vow to guide your child's journey with patience and wisdom, helping them develop into a caring, ethical, and successful individual. The opportunity to expand our loving family would be an incredible honor. We fully appreciate the magnitude of your decision and the trust you would place in us. Our hearts are filled with hope at this meaningful prospect. Thank you again, from the depths of our souls, for considering us. Wishing you peace, Colleen and Joe

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