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Meet Kleb & Wanjiku

A video message from Kleb & Wanjiku

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A Letter from Kleb & Wanjiku

Thank you for taking the time to consider us as your baby’s adoptive family. We’re a fun-loving, open-minded couple that is very excited to welcome a child into our lives. We’ve struggled with infertility and have come to believe that we’re meant to be parents through the gift of adoption. We look forward to Saturday afternoon soccer games, swimming and biking on the weekends with family and friends, and traveling to all corners of the globe during summer holidays. We hope our profile gives you insight into who we are as a couple, and we hope to meet you soon.

About Us

We met 10 years ago, and a few dates later, we knew that we had something special. We’ve been married for 5 happy years! We love spending time together. We laugh a lot and both greatly desire to grow our family. Wanjiku has always known that she wants to adopt. She even told Kleb about it very early on in their relationship. We strongly feel that this is our life’s calling. In our spare time, you will find us spending time with family, running, biking, cooking, and trying out new restaurants. We share a passion for traveling and experiencing different cultures. Recently, we visited Haiti, Dominican Republic, Barbados, and Mexico. We’ve built a happy life together and are eagerly awaiting our bundle of joy.

About Kleb

Kleb is a kind, caring, genuine, and intelligent man who does everything in his power to take care of his family and make me happy. Kleb is very reliable and always knows just what to say to make people feel better. He’s my rock. Ever since we met, he’s verbalized his desire to have children. Kleb loves spending time with kids, and kids love him back. He has 14 nieces & nephews and 4 godchildren who absolutely adore him! He’s very involved in their lives and has changed lots of diapers over the years! Kleb will make a wonderful father, and I can’t wait for the day he becomes one.

Kleb enjoys playing soccer, biking, cooking, taking care of the yard, and playing/relaxing at parks with his many nephews and nieces. He also volunteers regularly in our community.

About Wanjiku

Wanjiku is caring, upbeat, and kindhearted. She loves to laugh and is always ready to help friends in need. I don’t know where I would be without her love and laughter. Wanjiku has a competitive spirit and always strives for excellence. She’s a Nurse Anesthetist who enjoys caring for her patients. Wanjiku loves being around children and often volunteers to babysit our friends’ kids. She has 5 godchildren whom she visits often. I know in my heart Wanjiku will be a wonderful mother. She’ll love our child unconditionally and instill in them love, compassion, patience, and the drive to know anything is possible through hard work and faith.

Wanjiku enjoys swimming, hanging out with family and friends, reading, babysitting her godchildren, discovering new recipes, and hosting dinner parties.

Our Home in Georgia

We live in a spacious 4 bedroom house in a quiet neighborhood. Our home is full of love and memories. We have a large front yard and a fenced backyard with plenty of space for kids to run around and play. We live in a cul-de- sac with a basketball hoop where kids come to play basketball or ride their bikes. Our home is our sanctuary.

Our Families

We both come from large, close-knit families. Kleb has 7 siblings and 14 nieces/nephews who live in Connecticut and live within a few blocks of each other. Kleb talks to his family daily and is especially close to his mom.

Wanjiku has 3 siblings and 2 nephews in Georgia and Virginia. We live 15 minutes from Wanjiku’s parents and visit each other every weekend. Wanjiku’s mom has been a preschool teacher for 42 years and is ready to retire and become the primary babysitter! Wanjiku’s family spends Thanksgiving together and takes yearly vacations.

We also have many aunts, cousins, and close friends who we spend lots of time with. Family is extremely important to us, and we are both blessed to have them in our lives. Our families are excited about our adoption and are ready to welcome your child with open arms!

Our Promise

We promise to love, protect, cherish, and guide your child to be the best person they can be. We promise to love them unconditionally and teach them important values such as love, respect, generosity, perseverance, and adventure. We promise to provide a safe, loving home and a quality education. We promise to always provide for them physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. We promise to show your child the world and create fun, everlasting memories. We promise to speak of you in the highest regard and to honor our commitment to keep in touch through pictures, updates, and visits.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784.

Learn More About Kleb & Wanjiku

  Kleb Wanjiku
Our EducationBachelor's in Computer ScienceMaster's in Nursing
Our ProfessionsTechnical EngineerNurse Anesthetist
Our Racial BackgroundAfrican AmericanAfrican American
Some of Kleb & Wanjiku's Favorites
FoodSeafoodCaribbean or Mexican
VacationHaitiCabo San Lucas
HolidayThanksgivingThanksgiving - all of our family gets together for this holiday
HobbyPlaying soccer & bikingSwimming & reading
Movie GenreAnimatedRomance & drama
Childhood MemoryTending to my chickens during summer holidaysSwimming with my family on Sunday afternoons
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We love spending time together as a couple and with our close-knit group of friends. We enjoy exercising together whether going hiking, biking, or running. We participate in several 5 & 10Ks throughout the year and find it to be a great bonding experience. We also enjoy volunteering together with a meal delivery service. We enjoy exploring our city, trying out different restaurants, sampling foods from different cultures, and traveling.

Fun Facts:
-We speak a total of 5 languages between us.
-We have traveled to 18 states and 6 countries together.
-We have run several 5k and 10k races together.
-Wanjiku has 3 college degrees and works as a nurse anesthetist - puts people to sleep for surgery.
-Kleb has 7 siblings and 14 nephews and nieces.
-We both want to visit Spain desperately - Kleb for the soccer and Wanjiku for the food.

Our Faith

We are a Christian couple who regularly attends church. We were both brought up in church and attended Christian schools all our lives. Our church is non-denominational and has a very diverse congregation. Wanjiku also attends a Kenyan Christian church with her parents regularly. We enjoy learning and growing in our faith and plan to share our faith and values with our child.

Our Musical Interest

We enjoy a wide-range of musical genres. Some of our favorites include Nigerian/Afro-pop, Caribbean, R&B, neo-soul, Zouk, Kompa, Reggaeton, and jazz. Wanjiku enjoys country music as well.

About Our Home

We live in a 2 story house in a quiet neighborhood in Georgia. We have a beautiful, 4 bedroom home with a fenced-in backyard in a cul-de-sac. There are several parks, churches, and restaurants within a 5 mile radius of our house. Our home is decorated mostly by items from our travels including paintings from the Citadel in Haiti, Masai sculptures from Kenya, bejeweled butterfly from Mexico, etc. We enjoy taking care of our home both on the inside and outside. It is our sanctuary!

Our Children

We have no children of our own YET. We have struggled with infertility for six years and have come to believe that we are meant to be parents through the blessing of adoption.

Our Neighborhood

We live in a diverse and friendly neighborhood that has lots of young families. Our subdivision has amenities including a swimming pool, tennis courts, and a clubhouse where we regularly attend get-togethers including Halloween, pool parties, winter chili cook-offs, and Christmas parties. Wanjiku is a member of the event planning committee and therefore knows lots of neighbors. Our neighborhood is safe and close to many good schools, parks, stadiums, aquarium, zoo, and many other amenities (shops, restaurants, etc). We live close to a beautiful hiking trail that extends for 50 miles! This is our favorite biking spot. We very much enjoy where we live.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 6 months old





Sibling Group

Yes- up to 3 years old.

Ethnicity of ChildAfrican American and African American/Any
Future Contact with Birth Family

We are open to letters, photos, emails, and visits.

In Closing

Our greatest desire is to have children and grow our family. We look forward to Saturday afternoon soccer games with daddy, swimming, and biking on the weekends with family and friends, and traveling to all corners of the globe during summer holidays. We promise to love, protect, and treasure your child for a lifetime. We will encourage him/her to reach their fullest potential with a strong emphasis on education and will be there to cheer them on every step of the way. We will always honor you by speaking of you with respect and being open to your desired level of involvement. Thank you for taking the time to consider us as parents for your child. We would love to meet you.

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