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A Letter from Matt & Jenny

Hello! We’re Jenny and Matt from the beautiful state of Maryland. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We’re a fun, loving couple and we enjoy spending our time with family and friends, outdoors, and exploring new places and activities. We’re excited to introduce our child to our loving family and to share our active, healthy lifestyle with our child.

We’re really hopeful to be on this adoption journey. We’ve always wanted children and talked about becoming parents. Our love for each other and our future children has just grown deeper over time. We promise to love your child unconditionally, nurture, protect, guide, and provide for your child. Most of all, we promise to show your child how much Jesus loves them, and we love them. We believe that God is calling us to adopt and is orchestrating our match.

Where We Live and Our Activities

We live in Maryland – a great place to live on the East Coast. It’s a short drive to everything! We love getting outdoors and spending time in nature, and planning short trips. There’s so much to do and it’s always fun!

A few of our favorite activities we enjoy are:
– hiking on the many trails next to our home
– walking in nearby parks
– skiing at local resorts in the winter
– kayaking in our tandem kayak around the Chesapeake Bay in the summer
– traveling and exploring historic, cultural sites
– dining in new restaurants

We also have a great time vacationing at the beach with family and friends every summer! At the beach, we enjoy:
– relaxing under a large tarp Matt puts up for us
– reading a good book or coloring in coloring books
– bodyboarding in the ocean surf
– walking along the beach and looking for shells
– watching for wildlife including pelicans, dolphins, crabs, and egrets
– building puzzles
– picking up fresh caught seafood and produce at the local market
– cooking meals and dining together

My Wife Jenny

I love that Jenny’s excited to be a stay-at-home Mom for our children, since family is her top priority. Jenny has a great education and a successful career as a librarian, which she currently works part-time. She’s creative and enjoys making learning fun. Jenny can’t wait to cultivate a nurturing relationship with your child.

I admire Jenny’s faith, patience, gentleness, kindness, big heart, and determination to figure things out. I love serving with Jenny in service ministries to our church and local community. Many of the volunteers and the ministry recipients would say that my wife is so sweet and that I am very blessed to be married to her. I couldn’t agree more and tell them she’s “my big blessing from the Lord.”

At home, Jenny enjoys cooking healthy meals, reading, listening to audiobooks, tending to our pets, planting a garden, decorating and organizing, coloring and painting art, exercising on the elliptical and to yoga videos, and swimming at our pool. Jenny would love to be at home with our child, going to the park, museum, or zoo, and joining them in playing with toys and games they enjoy, taking advantage of every teachable moment. She looks forward to sharing her days at home with our child and teaching them the joys of learning.

I have no doubt that Jenny is going to make a great Mom!

My Husband Matt

I love that Matt is playful, compassionate, ambitious, and excited to be a Dad. He’s a veteran Navy officer and has a successful IT career in the federal government. We’re blessed he’s our main provider. His job gives him flexibility to work from home 4 days a week and spend time with our family.

I’ve had the privilege to see Matt serve in our church Mercy Ministry to meet the practical needs of our community in challenging circumstances, where he generously served in a food ministry and the elderly in an assisted living home. He also served as a beloved Bible school teacher, where he gently taught many young children to pray their cares and concerns to Jesus. He considers his greatest job will be raising our child with good character and strong faith.

Matt has lived and traveled all over the United States and abroad. He’s enjoyed getting to meet and make friends with different people, learning their culture and language, and sharing good times with them. Matt also enjoys reading, currently the classics and science fiction books, swimming in our pool, running, watching basketball or soccer, playing games, cleaning and maintaining our cars, and learning everything he can about cars and sports. He loves to share his hobbies and time with me and our family. He’s looking forward to joining our child in playing with their toys and games, and opportunities to guide and teach our child new games and skills.

Matt is wonderful with children and will make a great Dad!

Our Home

We seek to build a home that is peaceful and hospitable for our children, family, friends, and neighbors. We look forward to raising our child and helping them to build positive relationships with their family, friends, peers, and community.

At home, we love:
– cooking and eating healthy, home-cooked meals around the table
– sitting on our Adirondack chairs on our back deck and catching up on life together
– making each other laugh playing card and board games with our family and friends
– making homemade popcorn for our movie nights
– leading a healthy lifestyle and working out in our gym
– swimming, reading, and napping at our pool
– caring for our cats and playing with them
– praying together for our family, friends, and community
– And we’ve always got a fun book to read!

Our Family

We’re grateful we have a loving, welcoming family and we both grew up in loving homes. We want to give our child that same love and security we received as kids.

Jenny has a close relationship with her parents, sister, and her sister’s husband. Matt is also close to his parents and his younger sister, her husband and their young child (our precious nephew!). We’re grateful we live within 10-20 minutes of each other, and we get together frequently.

Some of our family traditions include weekly Sunday brunch after church, trips to the beach with family each summer, and all of our birthdays and holidays. We look forward to sharing all of our family traditions and activities with our child, and to make new family traditions together.

Our family is so happy and excited about our adoption journey and look forward to welcoming a precious new child as a valued part of our family. Our parents can’t wait to be blessed with a new grandchild, and our sisters and brothers-in-law can’t wait to be aunts and uncles to our child, who is already loved and treasured in their hearts. Everyone in both of our families is excited to welcome and love the child we adopt!

Our Promise to You

We promise to love your child unconditionally, nurture, protect, guide, and provide for your child. We promise to provide your child with a secure, loving, fun, faith-filled home. We promise to teach your child that they are greatly valued, loved, and made in God’s image, and to be considerate, kind, and loving.

We promise to provide your child with the opportunity for a great education and to succeed and thrive. We promise to make your child’s education a priority and create a college fund for your child. We promise to encourage your child to do what God is uniquely calling them to do.

Most of all, we promise to help your child grow up knowing how much Jesus loves them and we love them, and grow up feeling safe, secure, loved, valued, and confident.

We promise to be open to your calls, letters, emails and visits. We promise to treat you with love and respect. We’d love to talk or answer any of your questions. Please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Matt & Jenny

  Matt Jenny
Our EducationBachelor's of Science in Physics, U.S. Navy Officer SchoolsJ.D., Master's of Science in Information, Bachelor's in Political Science, Minor in French
Our ProfessionsInformation Technology Advisor in the Federal GovernmentResearch Librarian
Stay-At-HomeNo, but works from home 4 days a weekYes
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Matt & Jenny's Favorites
FoodMexicanInternational Cuisines
SportBasketball, SoccerOlympic Figure Skating
VacationTropical BeachTropical Beach
MovieStar WarsMama Mia!
BookLord of the RingsJane Eyre
More About Our Family
Our Traditions

We value our family traditions. We enjoy good times and laughter getting together with family to celebrate birthdays and holidays all year round. We prioritize spending regular quality time with our family, whether going to church, to the pool, to the beach, or gathering for family celebrations.

We treasure making memories together celebrating birthdays, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, gathering for meals around the table, and opening presents with family. We want to create a home where every family member feels valued, heard, and can thrive.

Our Faith

We make it a priority to pray and read the Bible daily, and look forward to doing so with our child. We want to show our child the value of developing a personal relationship with Jesus, teach them about His great love for them, and help them follow His direction for their life. We believe our role as parents is to help our child grow into the person who God created them to be, and to grow up feeling safe, secure, loved, valued, and confident.

On Sundays, our family attends a large, Christian church with a robust children’s ministry that is a short drive from home. Our church is non-denominational and has Bible-based teaching, a diverse congregation, and a compassionate love for our neighbors and the world at large.

We believe that God is calling us to adopt and is orchestrating our match with a child. Be assured that we will model God’s love and forgiveness within our home so our child can develop a deep, authentic trust in God.

Fun Facts

About Jenny:
- Studied and worked abroad in London, England and Strasbourg, France on the European Parliament
- Loves traveling, and has traveled to Sweden, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Spain, England, Ireland, and went on a church mission trip to Russia
- Loves dancing and knows how to dance swing, tango, salsa, waltz, and more
- In school, Jenny learned to play violin and piano, lacrosse and volleyball, woodworking and sewing, and was active in art and theater.

About Matt:
- Sailed in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Suez Canal, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Persian Gulf, and Indian Oceans onboard U.S. Navy ships
- Lived in Okinawa for several years and learned karate at a Japanese dojo
- Ranked 2nd in the nation on an XBox Live video game
- In school, Matt played soccer and liked studying mathematics, physics, and computer programming.

We both love being on the water, and we learned to sail a sailboat and paddle a tandem kayak.

Things We Look Forward To Sharing with Our Child

- Encouraging our child’s interests and helping them grow into the person God created them to be
- Reading the Bible together, praying with our child, and teaching them about Jesus
- Being involved in our child’s education, going on field trips to museums and historical sites, learning new things, and participating in school activities
- Sharing our family traditions and making new ones together
- Getting outdoors in nature with our child: hiking, kayaking, sailing, swimming, walking on the beach, going on picnics, and playing sports
- Going to amusement parks with our child and their friends
- Traveling to new places and learning new cultures with our child

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months

Twins and Multiples



No preference

Sibling Group

Yes, up to 2 years old.

In Closing

Thanks so much for considering us! We value our relationship with our child’s birth parents and are open to contact with you via calls, letters, emails, and visits. Contact Lifetime Adoption to reach us, Matt & Jenny, by phone or text at 1-800-923-6784. We look forward to talking with you. We’re praying for you and your child!

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