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Meet Matt & Kara

A video message from Matt & Kara

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A Letter from Matt & Kara

We are a young, active, and down to earth loving couple excited to become first-time parents! After struggling with cancer and then infertility, we found God’s path for growing our family to be adoption!

We are so excited for birthday parties, sports and after school activities, and taking annual beach vacations as a family. We will be committed to teaching your child how special they are and giving them unconditional love, laughter, and support lifelong achieving whatever they dream to be. Thank you so much for taking a glimpse into our lives and look forward to learning more about you!

How we met

We met almost 10 years ago at our first job right before going to separate colleges. After a 5 year long distance relationship, we moved closer together and, shortly after, were married! We’ve made many wonderful, adventurous memories together and have supported one another through challenging times. Kara’s thyroid cancer diagnosis and our infertility has brought us even closer together. The most important thing in the world to us is family, and we know that we want to build our family through adoption.

We are both active, fun, and love life. We always make sure to have dinner together every night. We enjoy hiking, doing home renovations, and going to the Outer Banks every year. On the weekends we love to be lazy, hang out around the house, catch up on Netflix, or finish up some chores. We also love to laugh, tease each other, and cracking jokes!

About Matt, by Kara

Matt is laid back, hardworking, and a simple soul. He always puts our family and future first by working extremely hard at his job to give us everything we want and need. Matt is always supportive of others, lending a helping hand when needed.

In his free time Matt runs and lifts weights, goes hiking, snowboarding, and catches up on sports.  He is an engineer so he is already dedicated to help our child with their math homework! He is passionate with football and basketball and is excited to share his passions with our child. He also looks forward to supporting our child in their interests- be it by being the cool coach at our child’s sport’s games or dress up with them and have tea parties. Matt will be an amazing and involved father, along with their biggest fan.

About Kara, by Matt

Kara is a nurse, and that love of caring for others shows when she is with family and friends, caring for our dogs, and being an amazing wife. We are blessed that Kara only works on weekends, 6 days a month, and is so excited to spend the weekdays with our child! She truly puts the care of others over herself and is so supportive. She has an awesome sense of humor and makes me laugh every single day. Kara loves to be outside reading books, gardening, or playing fetch with the dogs. She also loves to cook healthy meals, go shopping, and always enjoys visiting friends and family.

Kara is excited to bake cookies with our child, teach them about different bugs in the garden, and give them millions of hugs and kisses. I know she will be a loving and supportive mother!

Our Home in Pennsylvania

We live in a cozy 4 bedroom home that was recently remodeled by Matt with a farmhouse feel. We have an open-door policy to all our family and friends! Our fenced-in backyard is special and safe- the perfect place to play games and host events. We are located in a quiet neighborhood filled with lots of children. We are surrounded by peaceful farmland and many large parks where we love to go hiking by the lake with our dogs. We are blessed to experience all four seasons and have an excellent selection of schools, sports programs, and cultural resources in our area.

Our Family

We both have large extended families in the area which makes for a fun, loud, and memorable family events. Birthdays are a huge family tradition in our family, we love to celebrate with a party and make them feel so special! We, of course, have to mention both our families’ love for Philadelphia sports. Some of our best memories together are hanging out, grilling food, and watching the Eagles win! Our families have always been so supportive of us, and are excited to welcome the newest member of the family!

Our Promise to You

We promise to love your child unconditionally while welcoming them into our family. We promise every day to commit to showing them how special and purposeful they are, being the greatest joy of our lives. We promise our home will always be a safe place your child can have fun, grow into the best version of themselves, and always know they are supported and loved. We will make sure your child is proud and knowledgeable of their adoption story. We would love to openly share pictures, videos, and visits with you if you would like.

Learn More About Matt & Kara

  Matt Kara
Our EducationBachelor's Degree in Engineering Degree in Nursing
Our ProfessionsMechanical EngineerRegistered Nurse
Stay-At-HomeNoYes, works six days a month
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Matt & Kara's Favorites
Favorite meal?Any mexican foodTie between Mac and Cheese or Chips and Queso
Favorite place you've traveled?BermudaOuter Banks, North Carolina
Favorite music?Hip hopCountry and christmas music
Favorite scent?Fresh coffee brewingVanilla cupcake candle
Favorite season?FallSummer
One lesson you want to teach your child?To have confidence and to always believe in themselvesThe importance and value of family
More About Our Family
Our Pets

We have two young dogs, Ellie and Tucker, who are best described as energetic and goofy. We love spending time with them outside relaxing in the sunshine in our backyard, cuddling up on our large sectional couch together, or taking them for car rides with the windows down and music on. They love children and are so gentle when all of our family comes over, greeting them with their wiggly butts. We already know they will be so protective and playful with our new family member!

Fun things to do around us in PA

We are so lucky that we have a great park in our development with fun swings and slides. We also live minutes from a large lake and park that we always take hikes all year around. You can find us at our in laws during summer swimming in their pool, having a BBQ and lighting fireworks, or picking fresh vegetables in their garden. We love beach days, walking the boardwalks at night, playing mini golf, and ice cream cones after. In the fall, we have many local neighborhood farms that have apple picking, corn mazes, petting farm animals, and scarecrow making contests we annually go to. Winter time we love going to our local lodges for snowboarding and skiing or simply building snowmen with hot chocolate!

Our Faith

We both were raised Catholic and Matt went to Catholic school K-12. One of Kara's favorite memory growing up was going to Sunday mass every weekend with her family and getting McDonald's breakfast afterwards! Kara grew up teaching CCD classes with her mother and volunteering at summer bible schools growing up. We are so excited to share these moments with your child and witness them receiving their sacraments while making friends in a safe loving community.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months old.


Yes, we would love twins, double the love!


We would love either gender equally!

Sibling Group

Yes, we would love to keep siblings together.

Ethnicity of ChildCaucasian, African American, Hispanic, Asian, or a combination of any of these ethnicities.
Future Contact with Birth Family

We would love to share photos, letters, updates, and visits, depending on your comfort level and preferences.

In Closing

We appreciate you spending the time looking at our profile and taking a glimpse at our life. We promise to accept any child with loving and open arms into our home! We would love any relationship with you and will always respect your preferences and wishes. Thank you so much for taking time and we look forward to hearing from you!

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