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Meet Randall & Joanne

A video message from Randall & Joanne

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A Letter from Randall & Joanne

Thank you for allowing us to share our lives with you. There are no words that can express the joy we will experience when we become parents. We believe children are a gift from God. Since we are unable to have a child of our own, we are excited to adopt a son or daughter up to 5 years old who we can love, nurture, and watch grow. We would love to maintain contact with you through photos, letters, and annual visits.

About Us and Our Story

After dating for ten years, on a beautiful spring day in April of 2004, we were married.

The two of us are lawyers. In our free time, we enjoy each other’s company by watching science fiction television shows, traveling to interesting places, and going to the movies. We also spend time with family and friends.

We are both true believers in the power of education. We understand that if you want the doors of opportunity to present themselves that you must seek them out. The best way to do so is through education. We are constantly seeking to improve ourselves and increase our available opportunities. We will ensure that a child in our care is provided with the educational tools to create as many opportunities as she desires.

About Joanne (Written by Randall)

Joanne is warm, gracious, and approachable. She is also patient and kind. A native of Trinidad, she moved to the United States at a young age. She and her twin brother grew up in a loving home with her  mother and her grandmother. Her hobbies include reading suspense novels and playing the piano. Joanne is very close with her family, especially her niece and nephew. Although they are older now, Joanne has been involved in their lives from the time they were born.

Joanne is a spiritual person who has a strong connection to her Christian faith. She finds strength in her faith that helps her overcome life’s obstacles.

About Randall (Written by Joanne)

Randall is a positive person with an outgoing personality. He is very friendly, and people take to him quickly. He is caring and patient. A native of Washington, DC, Randall grew up in a loving home with two educated parents and several siblings. His interests include history, astronomy, and amateur radio. Randall enjoys spending time with both our families including my niece and nephew.

During his early career, Randall was an Army Officer and spent five years traveling around the world. He was stationed in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. As a result of that time, he has gained a great interest and respect for other cultures.

Our Home in Georgia

We live in a suburb of Georgia that has excellent schools, parks, and places for children to learn and grow.

We have found the people of Georgia to be friendly and helpful. Our home is a nice, two bedroom apartment located in a quiet neighborhood. The apartment complex is well managed with a nice assortment of activities and facilities, including a swimming pool, outdoor terrace and club room and various scheduled activities for both children and adults occur on a regular basis. Also, there are several parks with playgrounds nearby.

Our Family

Family is important to us. We are very close to our immediate and extended family. As a matter of fact, we always spend holidays, birthdays, and special occasions with them. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, we travel to our siblings’ homes in Maryland and enjoy a festive dinner. When possible, several cousins may join us. In May, we always look forward to celebrating Joanne and her brother’s birthday as well as Mother’s Day.

Our Promise

We promise that we will provide your child with the best life possible.

We believe that if you treat a child with respect, that child will respect you. Care, respect, and honesty are some of the values that we plan to instill in our child. We will create a home where he or she feels loved and safe. We will encourage him or her to work hard in school, excel in extra-curricular activities, and strive to work toward a great career in whatever field he or she chooses. Also, we plan to keep open communication with him or her so that he or she will always feel comfortable to discuss any issue with us.

Ultimately, our goal is to have him or her experience a well-rounded life. We plan to educate him or her in private schools, take him or her to museums, and travel abroad with him or her before he or she reaches the age of eighteen.

Thank you for reading our adoption profile and considering us as adoptive parents for your child. We hope to meet you soon.

To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Randall & Joanne

An audio message from Randall & Joanne

  Randall Joanne
Our EducationBS Political Science and English, Law DegreeBS Journalism, Law Degree
Our ProfessionsElectronic Discovery Project Manager Attorney
Stay-At-HomeNoNo; however, work remotely
Our Racial BackgroundAfrican AmericanAfrican American
Some of Randall & Joanne's Favorites
VacationAfricaMartha's Vineyard
FoodSteakSpaghetti and Meatballs
MovieThe Lord of the RingsGrease
HobbyStudying HistoryReading Suspense Novels
Actor/ActressMorgan FreemanWill Smith
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We love to travel to interesting and exciting places throughout the country and overseas. While traveling, we visit historical sites, experience different cultures, and enjoy the regional food. Going to the movies is always fun, as well as watching science fiction shows.

Our Faith

We both grew up in the Christian faith. Randall attended both Baptist and Episcopalian churches, while Joanne was raised as a Catholic and attended a Catholic elementary and high school. We plan to raise our child in the Catholic religion.

Our Musical Interest

Our musical interests span all genres of music, especially rhythm and blues, rock, pop, reggae, and classical.

About Our Home

We are currently living in a beautiful, gated apartment complex nestled in the suburbs of Georgia. The apartment has two bedrooms with a spacious living space. The apartment complex is well managed with a nice assortment of activities and facilities, including a swimming pool, outdoor terrace, club room, and various scheduled events for both children and adults occur on a regular basis. Also, there are several parks with playgrounds nearby.

We live in the state of...


Our Neighborhood

Our neighborhood is a safe community and a pleasant environment to raise a child. Also, it is surrounded by excellent schools, parks, and places for children to learn and grow. There are many children of all ages within the apartment complex and a playground for children to play.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn - 5 years old


Yes, we would love to adopt twins.


Boy or girl

Sibling Group

We are open to adopting a sibling group of two children with the oldest being 5 years old.

Ethnicity of ChildAfrican American, African American/Any
Future Contact with Birth Family

We are open to photos, letters, and an annual visit.

In Closing

We promise that we will provide your child with the best life possible. The best gift you can give a child is love. Not only will we love your child, but we also promise to provide him or her with a life full of fun, laughter, praise, and encouragement. We are open to sharing pictures and allowing annual visits. Thank you for reviewing our profile. We hope to hear from you soon.

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